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Medical Device Regulation
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The basics for Medical Device companies

Is the product about to become a medical device? Or do you need to up-classify your current device?Is this a new area for you?

In this course we give you an introduction into the Medical Device Regulation, what it entails and, most importantly, what it means for your organization. 

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ISO 13485

How to use this norm in your route to compliance

Are you planning to set up or update your quality management system? Are you aware of the specific requirements for your organization?

In this course we will explain what ISO 13485 is, how it can be used and deep-dive into implementation in order to set up your quality management system efficiently. 

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What GDPR requirements apply to me as a manufacturer?

Are you processing personal data ? Are you transparant about this? Do you want to analyse these data to benefit future developments?

In this course we will provide you with an overview of GDPR requirements and provide you with the tools to foster transparancy and use data to advance your developmens.