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Interactive Studios is at the forefront of developing e-health solutions, such as the Patient Journey App. Taking the lead as your middle name translates to more than technological advancements. Interactive Studios chose to prepare itself for the transition from the Medical Devices Directives to the Medical Devices Regulation well before the expiration of the soft transition period. 

Minddistrict provides an e-health platform for (partial) online treatment in mental healthcare. This brings challenges on a compliance level regarding information security, privacy and medical devices regulations. Minddsitrict has improved and updated all available documentation to get ISO 27001/NEN 7510 certified, improve the privacy documentation and to start the project to become MDR compliant.

Freeday provides digital employees to take over repetitive human tasks and interactions. For this purpose, Freeday has a certain workforce available. To ensure that both the digital workforce, as well as Freeday’s entire organization, handle information responsibly, NAALA assisted Freeday with implementing ISO 27001 and NEN 7510. Applications already available within Freeday, such as Monday and Slite, were used for this purpose. 

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