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Have you been on the lookout for the ultimate management system? Have you explored the vast universe of online tools, software packages, and templates? 

As your legal advisor, we understand that you already carefully selected a hand-full of tools your team loves to use. And right-fully so! Tools such as Notion, Confluence, and Clickup are crafted to support teamwork and reduce the workload and so should your management system.

Join the ranks of these trailblazers

"Can't I just use compliance software?"

Having seen and used nearly all available tools and templates, here are some thoughts: 


Business processes

No matter what framework you want to implement, a management systems covers all business processes. From Sales to HR, from Development to Cleaning the office. That’s why you need more than written procedures or an annual ‘evidence collector’. 


Your team involved

That’s why we suggest using tooling your team already knows. Our experience has learned that company-wide implementations likes this only effectively work when everyone is involved


Saving costs

Have you considered various software tools and template packages? You will see that prices vary and will likely increase over time. Using your daily software tools to implement compliance frameworks makes you vendor-independent and drastically reduces costs. 


Just a few tasks

Using familiar tooling allowed us to break down every framework into a few business processes. The result? Just a few tasks per role that very closely align with what your team does as part of their role anyway. 


Reduced workload

Equipting the toolkit with a thorough role-based implementation plan, the implementation or improvement of your framework requires much less work then empty templates would, while – equally important – maintaining compliance


Easy maintenance

The toolkit comes with an overview of monitoring and measurement tasks. Linking this overview to identified risks and the framework’s control, presents you a real-time overview on the status of the management system.

Our toolkits are available for various software tools

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How is it set up?

Implementation plan

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Process-based implementation

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Monitoring and measurement dashboard

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The most common ways our customers get started

A 2-week sprint

The entire toolkit will be transferred to the tool chosen by you, requiring access rights for a secure transition. This streamlined process guarantees a precise and complete transfer of the toolkit in a single operation.


How do we ensure your team understands the management system and their roles during and after implementation? Through integrated, accessible awareness training included in every toolkit. We have integrated this training in every toolkit we offer, recognizing its importance not just as a requirement but as a crucial aspect of fostering team-wide proficiency.

3 month implementation

The toolkit comprises an implementation plan assignable to different suggested internal roles. Should you need a subject matter expert to guide these roles in their new responsibilities, NAALA can serve as an implementation lead.

Internal audit

Prepare to evaluate your management system by conducting an internal audit. Take a methodical approach to analyze and address any nonconformities found, ensuring thorough preparation for the upcoming external audit.

External audit

Yes! You are ready for the audit. Entering this phase indicates that your efforts are prepared for testing in the external audit. We guarantee you that you will pass the phase 1 audit if the toolkit is implemented as instructed.