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Data Protection - GDPR and ISO 27701

In an era where customer data is a cornerstone of technological progress, how effectively is your company safeguarding this vital asset?

In today’s fast-paced tech world, protecting customer data is more than just meeting legal requirements; it’s the key to building trust and driving innovation. At NAALA, we use our deep know-how and straightforward template toolkits to make navigating the complexities of GDPR and ISO 27701 standards as smooth as possible. Our approach is all-encompassing, touching on every aspect of data protection to develop strong and forward-thinking strategies. Rely on us to be the guardians of your most valuable asset in the digital age – your customers’ data.

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DPO as a Service

Software as a Medical Device manufacturer - 2023

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AI tool research group (hospital) - 2023

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Medical Device manufacturer - 2022/2023

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Software Developer & pharmaceutical company - 2023

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